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bad and lucky
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Saturday, March 25th, 2006
10:05 pm
spring break was boring. just kicked around with the boys. things are kind of up in the air right now. i don't really know what to say here, or really what to think at all. aisa, are you doing alright?

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
6:37 pm
i posted that test thing. it made it pretty obvious that im a lez. conis is gonna see it. i guess i shouldnt care anymore. it doesnt matter now. she knows anyway right? i kissed her and stuff... so... nothing to hide? i still feel weird about it... like im coming out all over again. i just dont want to scare her away even more. than i already did. i guess. i dont know.

i miss her smiling at me.

im going to fucking kill this edward kuro guy. i dont like the sound of him.

Current Mood: sad
6:34 pm
heres that test thing that everyone was doing.

Your Ultimate Purity Test 2.0 Score Is...
Your Score:Average For All UsersAverage For All
( total)
Dating19.23%33.9%Gone steady
Self-Lovin'43.94%61.65%When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
Shamelessness70.97%77.87%It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive80.95%75.75%Monks are envious
Straightness77.78%40.48%Just go fuck something, okay?
Gayness7.41%78.9%Makes Dr. Frank-n-Furter look tame
Dominant80%87.38%Afraid to cross at "Don't Walk" signs
Submissive93.65%87.77%Submits to no one... almost
Fucking Sick87.76%90.27%Refreshingly normal
Total Score66.92%74.38%
Take The Ultimate Purity Test 2.0
and see how you match up!

(By The Ferrett)

hm. thats kind of interesting i guess.

Current Mood: discontent
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
4:33 pm
*locked from sandy and lucci*
my birthday is tomorrow. twenty first, hell yeah. aside from 21 being sweet, i dont really know how i feel about that this year. me and wiper and kiri will probably get the other boys together and do something fun. that should cheer me up.

the keylimelaugh girl, clar i think, showed me how to do this friendslock thing to keep assholes off my journal. thats a pretty sweet deal to me. at least i can write in peace now. god, those two fuckers, augh. i hope they run into wiper on the street. hell show them what for.

i probably need to get a job. i wonder where i could work. any ideas?
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
9:49 pm
well i was messin around with conis's camera today and i got a pretty good shot. it has that sepia tone thing or whatever, made it look pretty cool.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

haha braham showed me how to post a picture like that. but i still cant make icons. and the thing says i can have four more. i like those things. hmm. that zoro guy was real nice to make em before but id feel bad asking someone again.

aisa called today. it was good to hear her. i think well get things figured out soon. its okay that you got cut off hon i know the stupid payphones suck. but well talk again soon and then youll be here so it wont matter anyway.

over and out
Friday, February 3rd, 2006
1:08 am
aisa got a livejournal. thats good because now i dont have to worry about her as much. she always says she takes her medicine but i never know for sure. i can check about that and other stuff more often now. the boys and i are still trying to figure out how to get her up here with us. shell be safer that way. i dont want jack and marlene to suddenly decide to treat her more like they treated me. at least i know shes a smart girl and theyll never be able to brainwash her.

but i still want her here.

im back in the dorm now of course. holidays with the boys were nice even though kiri was hurt the whole time. we took care of him though. its nice to be back somewhere thats a little cleaner though. although i will say kiri does a good job of keeping wipers shitty apartment looking not quite as shitty.

they seem happier lately. which is good.

im... yeah.

heres a prayer.

"the rock lays near
while light comes and goes
the rock only exists
said to have no soul
the rock cannot be sad
it knows not the time
it has no life to hold
it cant feel love
as we admire it
it remains in stillness
yet in its own way
may watch!"

-lloyd carl owle (cherokee)
Sunday, January 29th, 2006
4:10 am
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yeah id kill someone, if they pulled the wrong shit.
Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
11:43 am
breaks over which sucks. the break itself was uneventful i guess, but shits heating up again now... why do those boys always have to be worrying me. little fuckers. giving stitches is kind of gross. good thing i knew how though.

aisa finally called me the other day, which was a relief. not a lot of news, other than that she's alive and doing kind of okay. she should still be here with us. not with... augh. i don't even want to think about those fuckers right now.

it was nice to see conis again though. welcome back, girl, missed ya.

Current Mood: worried
Monday, December 19th, 2005
3:11 am
that main page says i get six pictures now. i only got two though. that zoro guy was real nice to make me these ones, they're fuckin awesome. i wish i had more though. computers are way too fuckin confusing.

so is everything right now. i need to talk to aisa.

grown men can learn from very little children
for the hearts of the little children are pure.
therefore, the great spirit may show to them
many things which older people miss.

-black elk
Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
2:51 am
disgusting people piss me off. if you rip animals apart, like, physically rip them apart, then you do not appreciate or like animals. you are not an animal activist. do not lie to me. who the hell was that little shit anyway? next time i see him i am gonna fuck him up so bad that he wont get off on it.

fucks on the street should at least think up better ways to hit on chicks. fuckin pervs.

next man who looks at my neck like that im cutting his balls off. i bet that guy looks at chicken necks like that.
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
6:47 pm
oh yeah ps check out my fuckin cool picture. i dont know why they make it so hard to get these things up there. but its all thanks to that awesome thrice over guy, what a fuckin hardass. wait til kiri sees what i did, i bet he couldnt do this in a million years. now all i need to do is figure out how to get a picture to pop up on the aol instant messenger thing.

ok im gonna go heat up a boca burger now, gettin hungry.
6:30 pm
happy bullshit holidays
i hope everyone had fun celebrating that farce of a holiday. all it represents is the opression of the native american people, and how the nation's children are miseducated about our history every single day. fed that cock and bull story about pilgrims and indians. i hope after everyone stuffed their faces they donated to the nearest reservation. here are some appropriate holiday quotes.

when the white man discovered this
country Indians were running it.
no taxes no debt, women did all the work
white man thought he could improve on a system like this.

-old cherokee saying

we, the great mass of the people think only of the
love we have for our land, we do love the land
where we were brought up. we will never let our hold
to this land go, to let it go it will be like throwing
away (our) mother that gave (us) birth.

-letter from aitooweyah to john ross,
principal chief of the cherokees

and fuck the bastard who posted the photo of that poor dead turkey. that turkey was better than youll ever be.
Friday, November 18th, 2005
10:45 pm
today was boring. how do i get a picture on here, everyone else has one. or, like, more than one. i cant figure it out. it was hard enough doing the user info thing. maybe ill ask brahm. heres another quote.

all things share the same breath - the beast, the tree,
the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.
-chief seattle

ok im bored. maybe kiri wants to smoke tonight.
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
11:45 pm
okay so i heard about these cuz wiper and conis have em so i got one. what should i do with this. i dont know. guess ill spread some wisdom around here.

a very great vision is needed and the man
who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks
the deepest blue of the sky.

-crazy horse

oh yeah and no hating on this journal or ill punch you in the face.
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